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A unique, patented system designed to provide years of efficient, maintenance free lawn irrigation. Because of its inherent advantages over traditional above ground spraying systems, McP has been the choice of numerous local, state and count governments for more then 15 years.

Getting water to the roots of your landscape is key to the survival and flourishment of you foliage. An irrigation system utilizing McP will achieve this desired objective while also providing a number of other key benefits.

Major Advantages:

Maintenance Free - Because the system is underground and constructed with dual layers of durable pvc pipe, maintenance issues such as broken spray heads, clogging, root intrusions, etc. are completely eliminated.

Water Conservations - Utilizes up to 50% less water by eliminating runoff and evaporation.

Better Results - Promotes healthy, deep root growth. Not shallow lateral growth typical of above ground spraying.

Schedule Free - Water at any time. No worries about having to dodge the water stream because the watering is done below ground.

Beautification - No unsightly rust stains on stucco or concrete which often results from above ground irrigation systems.


» Evaporation
» Runoff
» Overspray
» Damage From Cars
» Liability Issues
» Vandalism

Maintenance Advantages:

NO spray heads to break
NO root intrusion
NO clogging

Operating Advantages:

NO waste
NO runoff pollution
Operates on LOW water pressure
NO concrete or stucco rust stains
Water at any time of the day




Moisture Control Pipe (McP)

Traditional above ground Systems

Maintenance Maintenance free because the system is underground and constructed of impact resistant PVC. No clogging Above ground and susceptible to impact and environmental damage
Water Conservation Up to 50% more efficient due to the elimination of run off and evaporation Susceptible to run off and evaporation
Better Results Promotes healthy, deep root growth Roots tend to be shallow in order to reach water near the surface
Safety/Liability Underground system prevents hazards such as tripping on  
Beautification No obstruction of the natural landscape Above ground systems take away the natural landscape
24 hours use of area Even while system is operating the surface is free from puddles or wet spots Can’t use the grounds while watering in progress or apt to get wet
Vandalism Out of sight Heads are susceptible to vandals and expensive to replace
Staining No concrete or stucco rust stains Susceptible to concrete and rust stains which is unsightly and can lower the value of your property
Mowing Easy to mow Potential for damage

Specification & Schematics

Standard Lengths
  20' (custom lengths available)  
Material Construction
Emmitter Spacing
Emitter Slot Length
Operating Pressure
Flow Rate
  .5 GPM  
Max Distance From Feeder
Recommended Depth
Click HERE for drawings and schematics
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