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The Sprinkler Saver patented technology protects your valuable irrigation heads from vertical impact and sideways movement as often occurs while mowing the lawn.

The Sprinkler Saver easily installs in minutes without any special equipment and gives you superior protection over traditional donuts.

Sprinkler Saver Concrete Donut
Larger surface distributes impact load and transfer impact into the ground Limited surface contact area. Donut likely to move and/or hit sprinkler
Vertical body extends below the root system of the grass keeping the roots from impeding the function of the sprinkler No protection from grass roots from covering the sprinkler head
Lightweight and made of durable polypropylene plastic Heavy and cumbersome. Prone to crack and break on impact
Improves spray dispersion by keeping the sprinkler head vertical Offers little support to keep the sprinkler head vertical
Securely imbedded in the ground Sits on the ground and moves around easily
Sprinkler Saver
Protects your valuable sprinkler
head from impact
Fully protects your sprinkler head while allowing for the pop up head to emit water upon activation
Click HERE to visit sprinklersaver.com for more information
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